Portable Cutters

Portable (Death Date) Cutters

Death Date Portable Cutter
$4,900.00 – 24" Cutter, accepts 24” material, cuts 23.23”
$399.00 – Lxi Expert Cloud software and cutter driver
$79.00 – Corel Graphics Suite 12
$ n/c – Join.me for remote support
$792.00 - Monument Fonts or you may add Greek for $99 more or purchase only Greek for $99
    Modified Roman (3 versions)
    Condensed Modified Roman (3 versions)
    Vermarco (3 versions)
    Classic Roman
    Government Marker (2 versions)
    Modified Roman Outline (2 versions)
    Monument Script
    Old English
    Hebrew (2 versions)
    Total 18 Monument Fonts
Shipping & Handling or Sales Tax not included.
$6,170.00 TOTAL without s&h, setup, training, or applicable sales tax
* Larger models are available in 30”, 42”, 54”, & 64”. Each one costs approximately $800 more than
the size before.


Death Date Portable Cutter
Allen Datagraph 15” Death Date Cutter Portable, high-speed 15-inch sprocket-driven stencil cutter by Allen Datagraph, for on-site final dates and monument designs. Includes a carry case, a cigarette lighter adapter cord for the cutter, and a spare 115 VAC outlet for a laptop charger. Cutter is attached to the base of the carry case and plugs into a vehicle cigarette lighter. The case also has a padded laptop computer storage area.
$5.995.00 – (Does not include sales tax, setup, training or shipping and handling.)
$850.00 – Gerber Omega LS
$720.00 – Complete set of Monument Fonts
$10,365.00 – TOTAL


Death Date Portable Cutter

Gerber GS15 $7,650.00
With case (ideal for portability and on-site cutting in cemeteries) $8,645.00.


The difference between tangential emulation and regular drag knife cutting.
Models costing at least $4,999.00 all have tangential emulation and will cut sharper corners.


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