Corel Draw Tutorial

Corel Draw Tutorial

The Corel Draw 12 tutorial is $49 plus $12.50 shipping and handling and comes with a free Modified Roman TrueType(TM) font - a $99 value. The instructions, Modified Roman font and working files are all on one CD. You simply print the instructions from your printer and begin learning to work with monuments.

More than 132 screen captures on 66 pages of helpful instructions including:

  • Installing The Modified Roman TrueType(TM) Font
  • Installing Corel Draw
  • Opening/Importing a Memorial
  • Modifying the Memorial
  • Lettering the Memorial
  • Adding Panels
  • Lettering the Panels
  • Adding Praying Hands
  • Resizing the Memorial
  • Changing the Appearance of the Memorial for Printing
  • Saving and Printing Your Memorial
  • Special Note
  • Creating a Marker
  • Drawing the Marker Shape
  • Adding the Polished Margin/V-Line
  • Lettering the Marker
  • Adding a Cross to the Marker
  • Coloring the Marker
  • Special Note
  • Preparing a File for Stencil Cutting


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