Gerber Omega Software

Gerber Omega Software

Gerber Omega Software

Design Mart's studio uses a number of solutions for point-of-sale and manufacturing/sandblasting. We currently offer two types of new plotters: Gerber's GS750 and Allen Datagraph's 536.

Gerber's Omega program allows the user to open, resize, reconfigure, letter, print and cut monument designs. Omega CS is required to drive a Gerber GS750 cutter and costs more than the LS version.* Omega LS costs less,* and it may be used to drive Allen Datagraph and other cutters. Monument designs, carvings and fonts are sold separately, or they may be purchased at discounted prices when purchased as a bundle in an introductory package with Omega CS or LS.


On September 17, 2018 we became aware of several Gerber distributors who are selling GS750 cutters and Omega software below list price. Gerber has always required all distributors to quote and sell software and equipment at the same price. That's what we have always done. Design Mart has served the monument industry for 50 years, and we like to play by the rules. Some dealers are large and can lose money on sales in order to get repeat business and sell parts...even at a loss.

This means our price will be higher than another company who doesn't play by Gerber's rules. We have spent many needless hours preparing written quotes that were higher than those of others. We no longer do that.

If you're shopping on price alone, send us your written quote. You can take the logo off of it. We don't care who you quoted you a system. If we can beat it with discounts on fonts and designs, we will. We want your business. But we think it's only fair to you if you are comparing apples to apples. The only way we can give you an apples to apples rather than an apples to oranges quote is to know what you've been talking about with our competitors.

Simply email your quote (take off any identifying info if you'd like) and email it to Mike's attention at . He'll be glad to talk with you and help you with honest information and the lowest price possible.

Visit Gerber at to confirm system requirements.


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