Gerber Omega Tutorial

Gerber Omega Tutorial

Learn Gerber the easy way. The monument industry's most comprehensive and helpful instructional tool for computer graphics.

Are you spending time scratching your head or searching manuals for an answer to your monument questions? Design Mart's Gerber Omega Tutorial may have the answer. Experienced users can learn new tips and tricks to improve workflow and design quality. And beginners can learn everything from opening the program and moving carvings to creating drawings from scratch. Whether you're an experienced user or beginner, Design Mart's Gerber monument tutorial may help you.

More than 132 screen captures on 66 pages of helpful instructions including:

  • Getting Started
  • Locating and Opening Gerber Omega Composer
  • Exploring Composer Toolbars
  • Setting up tools in your workspace
  • Learning how to use drawing tools
  • Discovering polygon, radius and contour features
  • Editing Designs
  • Opening a monument
  • Deleting carvings
  • Adding carvings
  • Rotating carvings
  • Adding a border/polished margin
  • Combining the margin/border with a carving
  • Cutting lines
  • Adding inscription panels
  • Aligning inscription panels using guidelines and other tools
  • Lettering Panels
  • Adding the family name
  • Kerning/spacing the family name
  • Aligning the family name
  • Adding individual names and dates
  • Aligning and spacing individual names and dates
  • Fitting text to a curved path
  • Using Special Text & Text Effects
  • Enveloping, waving and other text effects
  • Creating Blank Monument Shapes
  • Creating serpentine and oval top dies
  • Scanning & Converting
  • Working with hand-drawn designs in Gerber's Omega

For additional information on our Gerber Omega Tutorial, or Gerber systems, please call our studio toll-free at 800-736 7455.


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