Crypt Portfolio

Crypt Portfolio

Series: This crypt collection is an excellent addition to any design library, and are featured in the following Design Mart book/brochure/software collections: D1111-D1113 Hold On To The Memory, D1244-D1246 Morning In Glory, D1305-D1305A Expressions Of Love, D1381-D1383 Seasons Cherished, D1494-D1498 New Design Of The Month.

Online Catalog: Complete design series available online.

Portfolio: Two-pocket folder with five 11 x 8 1/2" glossy prints displaying 16 crypts/mausolea.

Software: Available in AI, CDR, DWG, DXF, EPS and PLT formats for Gerber Graphix Advantage/Omega, Corel Draw, Flexisign, Signlab, Casmate/Inspire, MonuCad, AutoCad, Illustrator and more. Individual designs may be ordered via e-mail. Series may be ordered on CD ROM. Click here to learn more about software. All designs featured in the portfolio may be purchased at one time for $199 + $12.50 shipping and handling. Individual designs may be purchased for $35 + $10.79 shipping and handling. A second design, purchased at the same time is $25 + $10.79 shipping and handling. Individual designs may be emailed with no shipping and handling charges.


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