File Conversion

File Conversion

Design Mart's studio has a number of file converters that convert scanned art from PhotoShop and other applications to vector formats (for CAD and illustration applications). We can also help you take designs from one CAD system to another.

WARNING: Bitmap Conversion Pitfalls

Remember some old computer jargon when sending us an image.
- GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out
- WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get

Zoom in and look closely at your image before sending it to us. If it’s small please save your money. It costs $20 for us to test it for you. We now charge to test an image and send proof that it will not work. We no longer try one file after another and send proof of the results at no charge.

In the example shown above, the scanned printout on the left is low resolution. In the center image you’ll see how bad the image is when you zoom in on it. Remember GIGO and WYSIWYG. In the image on the right we were able to deliver a relatively clean character considering what we had to work with. The proof shows measurements and a scale to show what .08” looks like on this 1 1/2” tall letter. WYSIWYG. If you shrink it everything gets smaller...EVERYTHING. Lines, spaces...everything.

Don’t send handwritten text and ask us to turn it into something wonderful. We can’t recognize many foreign languages and characters. Other languages do not have ABCs or 26 letters.

For best results have your customer type the text and save it as a PDF with text converted to curves. Almost no one does this, but it’s simple and accurate. If you send a PDF or Word document with editable text in it there will likely be a font substitution. 

File Conversion Pricing

File conversion service allows users to submit photos for conversion to sandblast vectors or CAD files. Users may also convert files to allow their use in various programs.

Applications include: Gerber, MonuCad Pro, Corel Draw, FlexiSign, Signlab, Casmate, AutoCad, Cochran, Illustrator, Generic CAD.

Format options include:

Bitmaps: BMP, TIF, JPG
Vectors: AI, CDR, DXF, DWG(MonuCAD), EPS, PLT (Gerber)

Multiple attempts at testing files for satisfactory conversion results are $10 each. If your image or CAD file is clean, and converts with no compatibility or quality issues, the $10 test is included in the $20 conversion. 

To avoid test charges, please send images that are large and high resolution. Zoom in on your image prior to sending it to us. If it is pixelated (rough edges) please don't send it. You will need to find a higher quality image for simple conversion. If none is available, you may wish to consider having us redraw it for you. 

Number of Files
1 $ 20 each
2 $ 18 each
3 $ 16 each
4 $ 15 each
5 $ 14 each
6 - 10 $ 13 each
11 - 20 $ 12 each
21 - 30 $ 11 each
31 - 40 $ 10 each
41 + Inquire


Prices shown are for files of the same format. For example: Four .JPG > .PLT conversions would cost $15.00 each.  A .JPG > .PLT conversion, a .BMP > .PLT conversion, a .TIF > .PLT conversion, and a .GIF > .PLT conversion would cost $20.00 each for a total of $80.00. File conversion results vary depending upon the type and version of software you are using, the experience of the operator, and the resolution/quality of source artwork. All files submitted must be converted and charged in order to create a final file OR diagnose problems. Unsuccesful conversions must still be billed. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.


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