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Design Mart Donates Online Designer Subscriptions To High School Granite Lab

Design Mart is partnering with Elbert County High School's Granite Lab to provide monument design software for all the students' Chromebooks as seen in the image shown here.  The cloud-based Monument Designer allows students to use standard templates or design their own monuments from scratch. They can send their work from the Online Designer to the MonuCad, Gerber and laser systems installed in the lab.  Prior to any instruction, Granite Lab teacher Michael Williams says the students are already watching tutorial videos and creating their own monuments.  Stay tuned for more information on instruction in the classroom and practical applications of the Online Designer.


"Design Mart Sees Radical Shift To Cloud-Based Monument Design & Sales During Pandemic."

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Click here to learn about the Online Monument Designer's Role During The Pandemic.
From Mid-America Monument Builders' "Mark A Lot" Newsletter, July 2020.

Design Mart's new Online Monument Designer and Online Catalog allow you and your customers to draw designs and email them instantly or search our catalogs for the ideal monument design. Retailers, manufacturers and families are using these new online tools to communicate and design monuments that preserve the memories of loved ones. Please scroll down for information on DMart's Monument Designer. Please call us if you have any questions.

If it has been a while since you tried the Online Monument Designer & Catalog, and you would like to check out all the new upgrades, please give us a call. We'll get a little info and set it up for you. Come back again and see what's new. We'll also be happy to connect with you remotely for tech support.

Creating Your First Monument

This video will walk you through the process of creating your own monument design and saving your work in just a few minutes. Call us at 800-736-7455 if you need help. We can connect to you remotely and share the mouse as we answer your questions. Other videos will cover the additional capabilities available in the Online Monument Designer.

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Until now online monument designers could only create color pictures, which must be redrawn by CAD artists at your manufacturer. Design Mart has removed the unnecessary wait for approval drawings to be returned to the retailer by allowing you to create a color image, which is actually a production-ready CAD file for cutting sandblast stencil. Another unique feature is the ability to change and display the side and top of the monument rather than only displaying the front. These photo-realistic renderings may be changed to display polished, steeled/sawed or rock pitch tops and sides on monuments as well as bases. Polished margins may also be added to bases.

Users may easily access hundreds of preformatted designs from popular Design Mart series including Precious Memories, A Closer Walk, Ties That Bind, and more.

The D1524 monument shown above was selected from Design Mart's Loving Memories brochure/book and opened in the Online Monument Designer.  After personalization the design was ready for export to any CAD program for stencil cutting.  There are also hundreds of blank monument shapes and more than 3,500 design components for users to create their own designs or edit popular preformatted designs. Monument projects may be saved and opened later if changes are required or if you would like to use a monument again for another client. It is easy to change granite colors, background images and export a color picture which may be viewed in any web browser or photo viewer.

Online Monument Designer

Step 1. Monuments may be selected by browsing or searching the Online Catalog on any device, from large screen displays to tablets and phones. Customers are able to find a monument that appeals to them, in this case D1265.

Online Monument Designer

Step 2. The selected monument, D1265, is opened in the Online Designer, and may be personalized. In this case the middle section was enlarged, and inscription panels were added. A color picture was printed for customer approval, and a CAD file was exported for stencil cutting and manufacturing.

Online Monument Designer

Step 3. D1265 is sent to the granite supplier where it is opened in a CAD program. The file may be changed by the supplier or the file may be sent directly to the stencil cutting machine. There are no long waits for approval drawings.

Online Monument Designer

Step 4. Your customer is happy with the monument you helped them create. It looks exactly like the rendering you created because the stencil is cut directly from the drawing you make. Your supplier doesn't have to create a drawing from scratch, and your customer is also pleased that there was no long wait for an approval drawing.

While monuments are viewed in color and color images may be saved, exported and emailed, Design Mart’s newest Online Catalog & Monument Designer distinguishes itself from all other online monument designers by utilizing vector (CAD) graphics. While users are viewing color images they are actually working with CAD drawings that may be ready for production. These CAD files save retailers and families from experiencing inconvenient turnaround times while waiting for approval drawings. On the manufacturer's end there is no more guesswork or time spent searching for artwork resembling the files in a color image because the file generated by Design Mart's Online Designer is ready to cut. DXF, AI format options are available, which are compatible with all CAD or illustration programs such as Gerber, MonuCAD, Flexi, Corel, Illustrator, WinPC, Inkscape, AutoCAD, and more. As shown in the images, drawings do not have to be created by a CAD operator to match a color picture. The color picture is actually a CAD file that may be cut in stencil.

The Online Monument Designer lets you choose from more than 100 monument shapes and more than 3,000 carvings. The personalized login makes the Monument Designer look like it's your very own - with your company name at the top of the screen and on the final report. When you've finished designing and lettering your monument design you may view it in various colors of granite and email it to yourself, your customers or your granite supplier.

A Summary Report is automatically generated - detailing the names of the CAD carvings and lettering fonts used in the design. Retailers are finding it helpful to give a User Name and Password to customers who would like to design their own monuments. Others are designing monuments and emailing them to families for approval while sending the same design to a manufacturer for an estimated cost and delivery time.

No CAD experience is required, and the Designer is completely web-based. Anyone with an internet connection can use it. Free 30-day trials are available. Please contact us for more information.

Build Your Own Laser Etching Scenes in Monument Designer 2.0

If you etch your own designs or have them etched for you this news is for you!  Our Online Monument Designer started as a way to create and export sandblast designs.  Now we've added the capability of exporting high resolution etching files for laser and impact etchers.

Design Mart offers more than 1,800 laser etching designs via email, download, DVD or USB flash drive. We are in the process of adding more etchings to the Online Monument Designer so users can add spot etchings to their monuments or create entire scenes. Etchings are available in the following categories: Angels, Animals, Buildings & Structures, Children, Crosses, Emblems, Faith, Floral, Hands, Hobbies & Leisure, Landscape, Marriage, Music, Other Art, Patriotic, Poems, Scenes, Sports & Transportation.  Users may also import their own images into a monument design.

All of the etchings being uploaded to the Online Monument Designer are objects with transparent backgrounds, which means that users may assemble custom etching scenes like the ones shown above and below.

In the images shown above, a user started with a standard etching that included mountains, trees and a field.  The user added two cows, a deer, a tractor, six sections of fence, a dog, a couple, and two trees.  The final etching (right) was downloaded as a high resolution PNG ready for laser or impact etching.

Online Catalog and Monument Designer Compatibility

The fact that the Online Designer is cloud-based means users can access their work anywhere at any time. Users do not have to be in front of a PC or CAD program in a back room. They may work from a showroom, outdoor display, cemetery or an office to create and customize monuments that can be sent to any CAD or photo editing application. All of a user's work is saved on the cloud and can be opened and edited at any time.

A lot of effort goes into ensuring that the app is easy for everyone to use regardless of the type of device or browser. Browsers are constantly changing and evolving, and these changes require constant vigilance to ensure that we are compatible across the board. This app can be used on Macs and any PCs with Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

The Online Catalog portion of the platform is compatible with phones and all devices as shown below, and the Designer itself is compatible with devices including iPads and tablets.

Scroll down to take advantage of your free 30-day trial. Please give us a call 800-736-7455 if you need any help. We can connect to your screen if you'd like, and give you a tour through the app as we build a monument together.

Online Catalog and Monument Designer Subscription Pricing

 The Online Catalog offers an easy-to-search online database of monument designs featured in our books and brochures, providing you with instant previews and detailed information, such as dimensions for each monument design. There are many ways to search for the perfect design for your customer.  The Online Monument Designer allows you to easily create color drawings for approval while also generating a ready-to-cut CAD file. Feel free to email us at d-mart@designmart.com or call us toll-free at (800) 736-7455 if you have any questions.

If you decide that you do not want to continue with your subscription to the Online Catalog & Monument, Designer, cancel before the end of the first 30 days and you will not be charged for that month. (Write down your email/username and password. You must log in to cancel or continue by yourself.) To continue with your subscription, do not cancel and you will be charged $79 monthly. If you suspend your subscription for a period of time and then reactivate it, you will not receive another free 30-day trial. There are no refunds or exchanges on any subscriptions.  Please do not sign up if you are not a monument company.  This program is not intended for use by individuals.


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If you decide that you do not want to continue with your subscription to the Online Catalog & Monument, Designer, cancel before the end of the first 30 days and you will not be charged for that month. (Write down your email/username and password. You must log in to cancel or continue by yourself.) To continue with your subscription, do not cancel and you will be charged $79 monthly. If you suspend your subscription for a period of time and then reactivate it, you will not receive another free 30-day trial. There are no refunds or exchanges on any subscriptions.  Please do not sign up if you are not a monument company.  This program is not intended for use by individuals.

Internet Browser Compatability

Internet browsers such as Explorer and Firefox upgrade from time to time to add new features, enhance performance, and improve security.  The security of our Subscribers’ monument designs and information is our priority, and that’s why we continually upgrade our browser requirements.  In certain cases older versions of some browsers result in diminished performance.  In recent years it has become industry standard for users to upgrade their browsers.  In fact, some browsers will do this automatically.  These browsers vary by operating system but generally include:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Safari and

Please contact us if you have any questions about browser compatibility or if you notice any part of the Monument Designer that is not performing correctly in your browser, and we'll be glad to help.


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