Font Matching

Font Matching

Our staff can help you identify a font if you do not know the name of it. We also sell fonts for $99.00 each.

When a request comes in for the name of a font our entire studio swings into action. It can take several people 5 minutes or even hours to identify a font. We charge $25.00 to research your font and check all of our font archives and online sources for a match. Prior to sending your request please search your fonts to be sure you do not already have the font. If our studio takes time to identify it, and you already have the font, they still have to get paid for their time. If we can't identify the font we don't charge you.

If the font is purchased there is no $25.00 identification fee. If the font is ordered later, after identification is requested, $25.00 will be deducted from the cost of the font.

Please send us an image of the font you're searching for. There are many versions of the same font. Searching by name alone may result in an incorrect font. MonuCad fonts are often renamed, and ordering by the MonuCad name may result in the wrong font being purchased. 

Feel free to contact us and email your image to Thank you!


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