Custom Etching Art

Custom Etching Art

Design Mart's studio can create a custom etching file for just about anything you need. We'll go over specifications and options with you, so that we can get as close to what you are picturing as possible.

We can email your finished file in PSD, CPT, JPG, or TIF formats. For a free quote on custom etching artwork, please email us at .

In your email:

  • You will need to send us a high quality photo to work from. 
  • You will need to identify any items you want to add, then save and attach them to your email. 
  • You want to avoid saying, "It doesn't matter what kind of car, dog, etc." Usually after the family sees the finished job, it DOES matter, and we have to charge for any revisions and time we spend helping you find an image or purchase a stock one. 
  • We will also need to know the finished size of the etching. This will help us determine if your images can be used or not.

Proof, Payment, & Other Policies

Custom etching artwork is very time consuming work, which requires talent and attention to detail.

-  Individual images are refined and put together n a way that looks natural. The process is determined by the nature of the image submitted and the desired size of the etching work.

-  Proofs aren't possible without first doing the work. 

-  If revisions are required after an etching is completed, we will have to charge for our artists' time.

-  We'll be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. Please email or call 800-736-7455, and we'll be glad to help.

-  As the creator of custom artwork Design Mart retains the rights to created images.  Time is sold on an hourly basis, but includes no copyrights associated with any images.  Copyright can always be transferred, and depending upon the nature of the work it may be in the best interest of the customer to inquire about the transfer of certain rights prior the purchase of studio time.  If no agreement is made, ownership lies with Design Mart.  To purchase exclusive rights to any artwork created please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working for you!

Here are some examples of recent work from our studio.



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