Date Strips - Tips and Tricks

Our studio can work with your scanned rubbings (or you may mail them to us) or we can work with photos. Rubbings are more accurate than photos, since a photo is made by a round lens that tries to pack the image into a rectancular space. There are distortions, especially around the edges. And if you don't shoot the photo with a ruler included in the picture we can't know the actual size. That's because we don't know precisely how far your camera was from the surface of the stone.

Tips for submitting rubbings:

  • Use a tennis ball when rubbing. This gives us much more detail, and we need that detail - especially for details such as serifs. 
  • Hold your rubbing paper still. If we have overlapping or duplicate images it gets confusing, and it is difficult to be accurate.

Tips for submitting photos: 

  • Place your face and camera perpendicular to the surface of the stone. If you shoot the photo from an angle (like standing up and shooting down at the bottom of a die) all the vertical lines will move toward converging at the railroad tracks that seem to get closer together in the distance. 
  • Move in close. We can see more detail that way. 
  • Place a ruler in your photo. When we import your photo it will be HUGE. 1" letters may be several inches tall on our screen. Including a ruler will help us reduce the photo to actual size and ensure accuracy.

Feel free to contact us and email your image to Thank you!




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