Welcome to the EGA Retailer Class of 2019

The Nation's Memorial Retailers Are Coming To Elberton In September!

Each Fall, the Elberton Granite Association offers a class for monument retailers. For many years Design Mart has been happy to host the class for a session on monument symbolism, technology, and sales.

While in Elberton, students learn about quarrying, production techniques, foundations and setting, designing and counseling/selling. At Design Mart, students are able to check out sales books and brochures, electronic sales aids such as website construction and hosting, and demo Design Mart's Online Catalog & Monument Designer. Students watch and ask questions as a monument is designed and sent to students' phones. When they return home, they are able to open the new monument design directly in their CAD and stencil cutting systems.

Design Mart wraps up with a tour of Elberton's historic Elmhurst Cemetery, where Mike Fernandez leads a walking tour related to monument design and symbolism.

Retailers travel from all over the US to participate in EGA courses, and this year's class is expected to be a large one. We are happy that these retailers choose to invest in their own education, and are confident their new knowledge will help both their customers and their businesses. If you are part of this dedicated group of monument retailers, we look forward to seeing you soon!


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