Build Your Own Laser Etching Scenes In Monument Designer 2.0

If you etch your own designs or have them etched for you this news is for you! For two years our Online Monument Designer has allowed users to export vector designs that can be opened in CAD systems for sandblast, without having to track down components or creating drawings that aren't what the customer had in mind. Now we've added the capability of exporting high resolution etching files for laser and impact etchers.

Design Mart offers more than 1,800 laser etching designs via email or CD/DVD. We are in the process of adding all of them to the Online Monument Designer so users can add spot etchings to their monuments or create entire scenes. Etchings are available in the following categories: Angels, Animals, Buildings & Structures, Children, Crosses, Emblems, Faith, Floral, Hands, Hobbies & Leisure, Landscape, Marriage, Music, Other Art, Patriotic, Poems, Scenes, Sports & Transportation.


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