Great Annual Convention Of Florida Monument Builders Association

We would like to thank the Florida Monument Builders Association for hosting a wonderful convention August 3 - 5 at the Clearwater Hilton Resort & Spa. Don Ray asked us to speak about monument design, sales and business management in The Cloud. We ran demos of our Online Monument Designer & Catalog and spoke to the group about the industry's evolution to SAAS (Software As A Service).

Dr. Kelly Storm, CTO of Design Mart, used Facebook and GMail as examples of cloud technology that we've all grown comfortable with.

"You don't own Facebook," he said. "You use it to communicate and store your photos every day. It fits right in your pocket. You don't need a CD in a box to use it. The monument industry has already moved in that direction with our Online Designer & Catalogs."

Portability is a great advantage, as well as protection from fire or theft. There are no CDs to steal or burn, and if your PC is out of commission your software is portable. Simply move to another PC, or use a tablet or your phone to access all your work and catalogs.

"All updates are automatic," he said. "You no longer have to buy updates and install them with a CD. All that is required is a web browser, and it works on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, and more."

We enjoyed the warm hospitality in Clearwater, and look forward to spending more time with the Florida Monument Builders in the future.


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