McNeel Collection On Sale in December & January

The McNeel name is all anyone in the memorial industry needs to hear. The very name itself is synonymous with quality art and craftsmanship. From prominent Washington, D.C., monuments to incredible personal memorials, the McNeel Marble & Granite Company was the authority in early to mid-twentieth century stonework. This rare, 336 page collection of distinctive work is the result of the study and work of some of America’s most noted designers, architects and craftsmen, and is thought by many to be the most comprehensive collection ever assembled.

The McNeel Collection includes many helpful categories including war memorials, mausoleums, crosses, benches, boulders, civic monuments, columns, coping, large and small monuments, ledgers, markers, monoliths, sarcophagi, screens, shafts, slabs, statues, sun dials, and more. There is also a wealth of information on epitaphs, lettering symbols and insignia as well as a guide to cemetery lot planning.

The McNeel book is normally $499.00, but through the end of January we're offering it at a special price of $299.00. With the arrival of February the price will return to $499.00, so don't miss your chance to have this electronic version of the 336-page book at your fingertips when it's time to search or browse for benches, ledgers, columns, wings, rare memorials, crosses, markers, statues, sundials, mausoleums, and more. To learn more please visit .

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